America's History Includes . . .

Black History!

EPACHA Foundation Proudly Celebrates


Important Question?!

Is "Black History" a

part of

"Humanity's History?"



BLACK HISTORY: through the years.

Every facet of injustices and brutalities committed against

"black-skinned Human beings" . . . and even against

those of Humanity labelled as "objects of color"

were witnessed & Eternally recorded in

those infallible

records of Humanity's history.

And whether man-made history books & ideas may

attempt to deny the facts, truth always prevail!

Now, as the world has entered a new phase of

realities - at home in the USA and Around the World - a recognition & celebration of "genuine humanity" is

now front and center in the spotlight.

And in that spotlight of historic truth, every

Citizen should now ask, "Am I truly appreciating

and  celebrating Humanity's  invaluable worth  and

contributions that are inextricably tied to America's

successes - even  though  those contributions  also

bare  indelible  marks  of "Black Citizens"  that

are in fact, undeniably . . .

"Citizens of the Family of Humanity?"

If you're celebrating "Black History,"

You ARE celebrating


- EPACHA Foundation -


EPACHA Foundation Proudly Honors

Cicely Tyson

December 19, 1924 – January 28, 2021

A Grand Lady!  

Stars may come and 

Stars may go . . .

But the Brightest Stars 

Eternally Shine . . .

With "Humanity's Eternal Glow! "

The world shall cherish the beloved

memory of . . .

Cicely Tyson

Her style & grace . . . Her beautiful face 

cannot be replaced.  

A one-of-a-kind "Grand Lady" who

tread the path for many to follow.

She has left an exemplary

mark in "Humanity's History"

enduring forever for many tomorrows.

Take heed to follow a path well tread . . .

Go not astray instead!

Many Thanks Grand Lady

Cicely Tyson!

Learn more about the Life & Legacy of Cicely Tyson at:


EPACHA Foundation Proudly Wishes

Sidney Poitier

A Very Happy 94th Birthday!

February 20, 2021

Sidney Poitier . . .

A Legend in His Own Time!

Sidney Poitier Oscar Award Acceptance Speech - 1964

Sidney Poitier, Academy Class of 2014, Full Interview

Video Courtesy, Academy of Achievement

Learn more about the Life & Legacy of Sidney Poitier at:


EPACHA Foundation Proudly Honors

Hank Aaron

February 5, 1934 – January 22, 2021

MLB's Hammerin' Hank!  

A Great Gentleman . . .

On & Off the Field!

Must See Video

Video Courtesy, MLB

Watching Hank Aaron on tv. . . or listening to his

at bats on the radio was surely an exciting time

for "All Americans" - whether black, white or 

every color in between.  Hank's MLB fame &

unvarnished character remained

in tact on and off the MLB scene! 

In fact, the global "World of Baseball" 

loved "Hammerin' Hank!"

Hank Aaron broke many barriers which

served to divide and sow discord.

He stepped up-to-the-plate

sometimes taking insults

and racial slurs.  But his

at bats with his impeccable

character shattered MLB records

while  obliterating  racial  hatred  to

utter naught:  Why?  Because he knew

and cherished those things of value that

"Humanity Itselfnaturally taught! 

No doubt, Hank Aaron stood tall.  

He reminded America that racism

has no place in baseball:  In fact, he

"Bravely" showed the whole world that

racism has no acceptable or justifiable place at all!

715; 755  Gone ... But Never Forgotten!

Many Thanks Hank Aaron!

Learn more about the Life & Legacy of Hank Aaron at:

Remember . . .

"If you don't stand for something

you will fall for anything."


Take a stand to proudly . . .

Celebrate "Black History!"

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