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EPACHA Foundation Proudly Welcomes

Connecting you with the United Nations . . .

Helping the UN Build a Better World.

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C o u r t e s y ,

R. E. "Ted" Turner III (U.S.A.)


Founder & Chairman

Connecting . . . YOU

with the

United Nations

Courtesy, United Nations 

R. E. "Ted" Turner III . . .

Willing to give and encourage

others to do the same!

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan (right) meeting

with Ted Turner (centre), chairman of the board of the

United Nations Foundation, and John D.

Negroponte, representative of the

United States to the United Nations, as Turner

presents Negroponte with a contribution to U.S. assess-

ments for the United Nations, New York City, September 2001.

History shall never forget R. E. "Ted" Turner III

for  his enterprising media successes that  blazed

the  trail of 24-hour  Cable News Network (CNN).

By making possible news-worthy events globally

around-the-clock, not only did Nations

great and small become more

connected as never before -

people from all walks of life became

more  knowledgeable  about  the  global

spectrum of different cultures and religions,

wide-spread human sufferings and economic

conditions  which  impact  the  world  as  a

whole. As the advent of continuous, 24/7

global news broadcasting shall forever

be branded with the pioneering name,

" T e d   T u r n e r "

Courtesy, United Nations Foundation / CNN

. . . so shall

" u n p r e c e d e n t e d   p h i l a n t h r o p y "

carry his distinguished mark in more

than "One-Billion" ways

to Remember!

A Quintessential Pioneer!

L e g e n d a r y   M e d i a   M o g u l .

Enterprising Entrepreneur.

P h i l a n t h r o p i s t .

blue picture frame 1ab.gif

Courtesy, Ted Turner

M e s s a g e :

"Take care of the Planet!"

An Interview with . . .


Ted Turner:  "Take Care of the Planet"

Video Stanford Graduate School of Business - Uploaded on April 27, 2010

Courtesy, Ted Turner

Blazing the Future's Path for . . .

Courtesy, Ted Turner / ISBN-13:  978-0446581899 

. . . generations to come!

What are you waiting for?

Courtesy, United Nations - UN Foundation

It's Time to Connect!

It's Time to Partner!

Learn more about "connecting" and "partnering" with the


United Nations to achieve the

17 Sustainable Development Goals for a better world by 2030.

Click on the following web links:

Connecting you with the United Nations

Connecting you with the United Nations

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Connecting you with the United Nations

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