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António Guterres

9th Secretary-General

of the

United Nations

Courtesy, United Nations

1   J a n u a  r y   2 0 1 7

Best Wishes for many successes during

your tenure as the newly elected

Secretary-General of the United Nations.

A New Year . . . and a new


United Nations Leader

Courtesy, United Nations

M   U   S   T     S   E   E     V   I   D   E   O

“The General Assembly today appointed by


acclamation the former Prime Minister


of Portugal, António Guterres,


as the next United Nations


Secretary-General, to


succeed Ban Ki-moon…”

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What's next? . . .

The Work Continues!

Special Announcement . . .

António Guterres secures second term as UN Secretary-General, calls for new era

of ‘solidarity and equality’

June 18, 2021

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"It's my intention to serve with humility."

António Guterres was on Friday re-appointed to a second term as UN Secretary-General, pledging as his priority, to continue helping the world chart a course out of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Courtesy, United Nations

Make no mistake, the newly elected [and

re-elected for a second term]

UN Secretary-General, António Guterres

is far from a fledgling!  Quite the

contrary, SG Guterres is an

experienced and seasoned

Statesman with an extensive

background – expertly capable of

delving deeply into the work of the

United Nations

in all of its multi-faceted responsibilities. 

The world community  can  rest  assured  

that  the  path that  lies  ahead shall be tread

upon by  a  global  leader  who  has  already  

proven  his  invaluable worth with

demonstrative actions

and  successful  results:  notable 

accomplishments that has

contributed toward achieving far-reaching

goals aimed at ensuring a secure, peaceful

and wholesome world for All of Humanity.

May Secretary-General Guterres be justly

showered with genuine support and all

forms of needed contributions in

the process of fulfilling the

responsibilities of the United Nations: 

that is, the full spectrum of global duties  

distinctly related to improving the lives of all

peoples while working toward a sustainable

future within a secure, peaceful and

sustainable environment.

Whether Nations great or small –

corporations, groups [and/or]

individuals – everyone can

participate in the crucial

work that lies ahead! 

Make certain to etch your mark in

the  History of Humanity

and the History of the . . .

U n i t e d   N a t i o n s .

- EPACHA Foundation - 

L e a r n   m o r e   a b o u t

Secretary-General, António Guterres

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United Nations for allowing use of

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