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Much Work to be Done!

EPACHA Foundation – Phase II



Humanity’s homeland, Earth naturally flourishes with bountifulness for healthy sustenance.  Earth is Humanity's life-sustaining planetary habitation that cannot be blamed for malnutrition, hunger & starvation.

So, with that understood . . . Who’s to blame for horrific situations of hunger & starvation throughout the world?!


Starvation & Hunger in the 21st Century

Children of Somalia - Starvation in the 21st Century - A Human Tragedy



 “Women’s Rights” are “Human Rights!” In the dawning years of a new Millennium,  women around the world are yet struggling for “Rights” that are naturally inherent and inalienable. The tremendous hardships that many women and young girls suffer are due to histories of tradition which impose harsh abuses and restrictions including physical violence and emotional trauma:  Such "Crimes Against  Women and Young Girls" MUST END NOW!


Women:  The Struggles Continue . . .

Courtesy, United Nations Brussles -


Being that we all share this wonderful and fascinating planet we call home, it goes without saying that responsibilities go hand-in-hand with habitation. Even in our individual homes, a certain degree of maintenance must be applied in order to enjoy a wholesome 'home-life' environment. That same attitude of responsibility is also expected in terms of maintaining our 'overall' environment.


Our Life-Sustaining Environment

Iguazu Falls - Brazil and Argentina - Courtesy,

Must See Video:  Seeing is Believing!



Can we really know how many “Climate Changes” have occurred since before recorded History?  Even if scientific data is ignored . . . concerning “Climate Change,” let’s all be reasonably assured!  The simplest of knowledge and understanding can verily agree by observations we see, that our Environment’s climate is “Naturally” capable of changing!  

Are global activities adversely affecting “Climate Change?” 

W a r n i n g :   V i d e o   c o n t a i n s   a n   u n i n t e n t i o n a l    e x p l e t i v e

Climate Change:  A Reality!

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