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S  U  S  T  A  I  N  A  B  L  E


G o a l s   f o r   t h e

New Millennium:

*  *   1 7    G o a l s   *  *

Courtesy, United Nations

Learn more about the “SDGs” at:

Keep Up-to-Date with the

SDGs Knowledge Platform

1st SDG [Progress] Summit  24 - 25 September 2019: 


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**Fourth STI Forum**

14 - 15 May 2019 - UN Headquarters - NYC

The theme of the STI Forum 2019 will be:

"STI for ensuring inclusiveness and

equality, with a special focus on

SDGs 4, 8, 10, 13, and 16."

The annual Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (STI Forum) is a part of the Technology Facilitation Mechanism mandated by the 2030 Agenda and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda. It is expected to "provide a venue for facilitating interaction, matchmaking and the establishment of networks between relevant stakeholders and multi-stakeholder partnerships in order to identify and examine technology needs and gaps, including with regard to scientific cooperation, innovation and capacity-building, and also in order to help facilitate development, transfer and dissemination of relevant technologies for the sustainable development goals." It will "discuss science, technology and innovation cooperation around thematic areas for the implementation of the sustainable development goals, congregating all relevant stakeholders to actively contribute in their area of expertise."

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I  M  P  O  R  T  A  N  T

R e m i n d e r . . .

In 2015,

Millennium Development Goals

doesn’t   actually   end . . .

The work of SDGs begin!

M u s t   S e e   V i d e o

What should the world do now?

Keep on tracking . . .


Development  Goals [SDGs] 

The Animated gif shows the constallation of the Galileo Satellites moving around Earth Courtesy, Wikimedia Commons - Photo/Author - Lukas Rohr

There are two facts the whole world can

agree upon. 

One fact is that the duration of an 

era referred to as a

“M i l l e n n i u m”  is  1,000 Years.

Another undeniable fact is that there


certainly is . . .




“N O W”


and for many generations to come.

An applaudable accomplishment is to build

a house with all the necessities, comforts

and trimmings.  But an even more

praiseworthy and  rewarding  

satisfaction is to

“s u s t a i n   t h e   h o u s e ”

and all of its benefits after it’s

been successfully built.


The same applaudable rewards and

satisfaction should also be sought

when efforts are made in terms of

successfully accomplishing


“Sustainable Development Goals.”

As the world community has crossed

the threshold of a new Century and

Millennium, global situations

wherein Humanity’s poorest

of the poor is yet prevalent.  Multitudes

of  the  poor  and  helpless  are  yet

languishing around the world in

utter neglect and stagnation.

The  painful  sufferings  of

the poor - now before

the eyes of Nations

great and small - are stark reminders 

of  the  need  to unite with carefully

planned   and   achievable   goals:  

developmental objectives that can

result in “sustainable” outcomes

suitable for the benefit

and wellness

of Humanity as a whole.

The many willing and helping hands that

work to achieve sustainable ends are

the very hands that are shaping

a better world for future

generations – already with us today.

–  EPACHA Foundation –

More can be learned about . . .

Millennium Development Goals

and the Post-2015

SDGs Development Agenda

by clicking on the web link below:

What are you doing this . . .


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