NOTE:  Although images show children not wearing "face masks" during this global COVID-19 Pandemic, children and adults should use masks as a protective measure for health safety.

EPACHA Foundation Proudly Celebrates . . .

World Children's Day

November 20th


CHILDREN!  Our Future! 

Already With Us Today!


Are YOU giving a "thumbs up" for

"Children Around the World?"

None can deny the fact that "Children are our Future . . . Already With Us Today!"  And that reality must be caringly taught to Children with knowledge and understanding of those responsibilities that Children will face as time marches on into the future of adulthood.

Children, are YOU diligently

preparing for the future?

Without a doubt "Children Around the World" . . . enjoy FUN!  FUN!  FUN!  And there is certainly nothing wrong with the happiness that fun can bring into a child's life.  At the same time, however, children should be made aware of the many hardships that some children are facing - not only globally - but also at home throughout local communities.  

"Children caring for Children"

who are less fortunate is a

natural quality of

"Humanity Around the World!" 

As Children develop and grow . . . Children must also know that "Human Rights" include "Children's Rights!"  And every child's "Human Rights" must be upheld Around the World.

When Children are lacking food with proper nutrition, barely existing within starving populations, lacking proper health care and living in dire poverty lacking the proper comforts of home life,  Children must understand that "Children's  Human Rights" are being violated!

Children, are YOU ready for caring?

What are YOU waiting for?

Let's all give a "thumbs up" and a

"shout out" for caring Children . . .

Around the World!

- EPACHA Foundation -

Learn more about  . . 

"World Children's Day"

on the following United Nations web page:

Courtesy, United Nations


Every Day is . . .

"World Children's Day!"

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