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Learning more about . . .

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Courtesy, United Nations

UNHCR Global Appeal

for 2023

UN GLOBAL APPEAL 2023 1ab.png

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Global Refugee Summit Opens with

focus on . . .

"Unity for World’s Refugees"

Save the Dates: 13 - 15 December 2023

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi.webp

Courtesy, UNHCR

GENEVA – As global forced displacement reaches unprecedented levels, some 4,000 delegates from 165 countries, including refugee leaders, heads of state, governments, businesses and non-profit leaders from around the world have come together to open the three-day Global Refugee Forum (GRF). Together they will address the urgent challenges and long-term solutions needed for more than 114 million displaced people, of whom 36 million are refugees.

Text Excerpt Courtesy, UNHCR - Read Full Text at:


Flag of Jordan 1ab.gif
HASHIMITE KINGDOM OF JORDAN-Coat_of_arms_of_Jordan.svg.png

Address by His Majesty King Abdullah II 

At the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva

"Let's Make this Forum Count!"

13 December 2023


Video Courtesy, UNHCR / RHC JO

" . . . With no clear long-term commitments in flexible international funding, the vulnerability of refugees and Jordanian host communities will grow even more precarious.

And the severe shortfall in funds for key agencies like the World Food Programme and UNHCR is negatively affecting the level of services, including cash assistance, education, and healthcare.

After cuts in World Food Programme assistance to vulnerable refugees this year, a deterioration in food security and self-reliance has become a painful reality for the vast majority, with 91 percent now being food insecure, compared to 63 percent before the cuts. 

So my friends,

For many years, we and other host countries have been offering shelter, education, healthcare, jobs, and resources to refugees at a great cost to our own economic progress.

But we recognise that this is a long-term commitment that we are undertaking on behalf of the international community.

And likewise, the international community cannot resort to short-term solutions and move on to the next crisis.

Jordan has often warned of the dangers of leaving a lost generation behind, yet, instead of making headway in resolving this ever-evolving and expanding refugee crisis—and even as new displacement crises emerge—we see attention waning.

We cannot afford for this to continue. Our global community cannot thrive if its most vulnerable are left behind.

Let’s make this forum count."

Text Excerpt Courtesy,

His Majesty King Abdullah II of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


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Courtesy, UNHCR



Somali-born champion of refugee education

wins top UNHCR award

28 November 2023

SOMALI-BORN Abdullahi Mire (far right) is supporting education initiatives in Dadaab refug

Courtesy, UNHCR

Abdullahi Mire (far right), a former child refugee born

in Somalia, who dedicated himself to changing lives through education, has been named as this year’s

winner of the prestigious 


Abdullahi Mire former Somali reugee.webp

Courtesy, UNHCR

Abdullahi Mire grew up in the sprawling Dadaab refugee complex in northeastern Kenya with its population today of more than 240,000 registered refugees, mostly from Somalia.

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) coordinates operations there together with partners, relying also on the support of the Kenyan Government and host communities.


The majority of the population, around 56 per cent according to 2020 figures, are children.

Courtesy, UNHCR

May your dedicated work continue to go above and beyond

the call of duty as you endeavor to protect refugees and internally displaced and stateless people: your labor

of love for Humanity's refugees together

with your quest to ensure


shall eternally be recorded in the


- EPACHA Foundation - 



It's Time to Learn More About

Humanity's First

High Commissioner for Refugees

Fridtjof Nansen award UNHCR.jfif
Fridtjof Nansen award UNHCR 1ab.jpg
Nansen Refugee Award 1ab.jpg
Fridtjof Nansen award UNHCR 2ab.webp

Courtesy, UNHCR

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Fridtjof Nansen award UNHCR 1ab.jpg
Fridtjof Nansen award UNHCR 1ab.jpg
Fridtjof Nansen award UNHCR 1ab.jpg




UN High Commissioner for Refugees,

Filippo Grandi - 3 March 2023



In the midst of Russia's horrific, dreadful warring terror

being inflicted upon the sovereignty of Ukraine,

utmost understanding and care

must be upheld for all . . .


Humane treatment must not be neglected because of 

one's color of skin, ethnicity, religion or national

origin during this forced mass exodus

in hopes of safe refuge.

- EPACHA Foundation - 

Russia-Ukraine Conflict:

Ambassador to the United Nations,

Martin Kariuki of Kenya

Raises Concern Over Racism

2 MARCH 2022


Video Courtesy, NTV Kenya


Do YOU know of the

 S u f f e r i n g s

a n d

H a r d s h i p s

o f

R  E  F  U  G  E  E  S  ?


Angelina Jolie knows . . .

Courtesy, UNCHR

. . . first hand!

Courtesy, UNCHR

A dedicated Goodwill Ambassador!


Who Cares About Refugees?

"The recent crisis in northwest Syria is deeply personal for me. Over the past several years, I've traveled to Lebanon and Jordan to meet Syrian refugees in person.

I've listened while they've shared horrifying stories

of escape and survival. Right now, refugees who

have fled violence and danger in Syria are now

shivering in the freezing cold — living in

tents and flimsy shelters without

insulation. And those are the lucky

families who have managed to find shelter."

Ben Stiller Cares!

Goodwill Ambassador

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency


Courtesy,  United Nations - UNHCR

"As a caring USA for UNHCR supporter, I thank

you for all you do for refugees. 

They're counting on you today to survive the winter, so please make your emergency gift today."

Learn more about UNHCR and how you can HELP

on the following web page:

Sadako Ogata Certainly Cared!


Gone but Never Forgotten!

Sadako Ogata, First Female UN Refugee Chief

16 September 1927 – 22 October 2019


Courtesy,  Photograph: Erik de Castro/Reuters

Quiet spoken, courteous and polite . . . but

direct and persuasive in her negotiations:

Her steadfast, unwavering Humanity

permeated throughout all Nations!

Sadako Ogata was widely known as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) from 1991 to 2000, as well as in her capacities as Chair

of the UNICEF Executive Board from 1978 to 1979 [2][3] and as

President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

from 2003 to 2012. She also served as Advisor of the

Executive Committee of the Japan Model United Nations (JMUN).

Learn more about the Life and Legacy of

Sadako Ogata

Has the World forgotten that . . .

Courtesy, UNCHR

 . . . "refugee status"

Should NOT

be a . . .

Normal Way of Life?!

Courtesy, UNCHR

In the 21st Century and new Millennium,

vast numbers of refugees around

the  world  have  already

increased far beyond what

could have ever been imagined.

"Refugee Status:"  A Hardship for Children!

Courtesy, UNCHR - Jordan Bears Burden of Syrian Refugees:

Scores  of  helpless  populations – into the “millions” – continue to seek  refuge  in  every  corner of the globe.  And with such

tremendous numbers of peoples

pouring out across borders,

the reality of the dynamics

and needs of refugees

is a wake-up call to the entire global

community.  No Nation – great or small –

can  turn  a blind  eye to  the refugee  crisis

which  is  an increasing daily  reminder  of

global  responsibility:  one  that requires

 joint  efforts of  firm commitments and

unyielding determination to ensure

the security and wellbeing of

scores of people globally who

deserve – and have a right to – a viable,

sustainable quality of life with human dignity.

- EPACHA Foundation - 

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Learn more about the work of 

UNHCR and how to HELP

on the following web page:

C o u r t e s y ,  U N H C R

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