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Do You Know About . . .

at the United Nations?

C o u r t e s y , 

What's the Youth Assembly?

Courtesy, United Nations - The Youth Assembly

"We pioneered the largest global gathering of young leaders at the

United Nations Headquarters!"

Courtesy, United Nations - The Youth Assembly

"The Youth Assembly (YA) was created in 2002 to amplify youth engagement and participation in international  dialogues  at the  United  Nations. in Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF)’s expertise in  cultural  exchange,  The Youth Assembly fosters mutual understanding and collaboration between youth and key stakeholders in global development to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals."

Courtesy, United Nations

Above Quotes Courtesy, The Youth Assembly

Applications for The Youth Assembly's

'Winter' and 'Summer' 

Sessions are available!

Now is the time for Youths . . .

Courtesy, United Nations - The Youth Assembly

Around the World to join with . . .

Courtesy, United Nations - The Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly at . . .

Courtesy, United Nations - The Youth Assembly

The United Nations

Courtesy, United Nations

Learn more about

The Youth Assembly

and how to become a participant

on the following web page:

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