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Welcome to

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Sumo Wrestling!

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Japan's National


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Without a doubt, Sumo Wrestling is a


Traditional sport in Japan!

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Baseball has made its mark

with Japanese fans,

but in Japan . . . 

"Sumo Wrestling"


Time to Learn More!

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Now, here's a special treat

for "Sumo" lovers . . .

Around the World!

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Japanese Sumo Wrestling is one of the oldest martial arts in Japan. Sumo wrestlers were a favorite subject for Japanese woodblock prints. In contrast

to some of the traditional Japanese art forms like kabuki, which has a heavy

stand in today's world, sumo wrestling is enjoying a rising popularity - comparable to basketball in North America or soccer in Europe.

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Well, are you ready

to join the

world of . . . SUMO?

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It's an exciting sport for

Adults to enjoy . . .

President Trump presented the "President's Cup" to the Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament winner Asanoyama

in Tokyo on May 26, 2019

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. . . as well as for Children!


- EPACHA Foundation -

Learn more about the History of


on the following web page:

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Kanjin Grand Sumo Tournament (circa 1843)

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The 11th sumo wrestling Yokozuna, Shiranui Kōemon (1825 - 1879) and the 13th Yokozuna, Kimenzan Tanigorō (1826 - 1871).

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EPACHA Foundation Extends

Sincerest Thanks to

"Japanese Sumo Wrestling"

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and to all who helped make EPACHA's

"Sumo Wrestling"

web page possible.

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