Religious Organizations:

It's about more than

just Religion!

It's time for the world to LEARN . . .

. . . more about the invaluable work of

"Religious Organizations"

Around the World!

Courtesy, Rose Window at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Religion is prevalent throughout

the world!

"As in the past, so is today - even

in the 21st Century . . .

Religion is surely here to stay!"

- EPACHA Foundation -

If there are any who think that Religious

Organizations are silent and inactive

on the many issues and problems

now plaguing our world -

such thoughts are errorenous!

Many of the world's religions have a

central theme running through its beliefs,

doctrine and tenets - for the most part -

intended to:  Feed the hungry, help

the poor and helpless, house the

homeless, be good Samaritans and

stewards of our habitat - Earth, teach the

love of neighbors, uphold the golden rule of

doing unto others as you would have others do

unto   you,   stress  the   importance  of   obeying

just laws established by lawful governments /

governing   entities  to  ensure   freedoms,

justice, equalities, peace and prosperity

and last but certainly not least . . .

encourage  the  importance  of

living a wholesome life worthy

of  Eternal  joy and  happiness!

Regardless of one's personal

philosophy on religion, none can deny

or gainsay the great work that hundreds of

thousands  of  faith believers have - and  are

yet doing globally to:  Feed the hungry,

help the poor and helpless, house the

homeless, be good Samaritans and

stewards of our habitat - Earth, teach the

love  of  neighbors, uphold  the golden  rule of

doing  unto  others as you would  have others  do

unto   you,   stress  the  importance  of   obeying

just laws established by lawful governments /

governing entities and last but certainly

not  least . . . encourage  the

importance of living a wholesome life

worthy of Eternal joy and happiness!

With the spotlight of reiteration - emphasizing

herein - the "great and invaluable work"

that  a multitude of faith believers are

doing locally and around the world, 

are you helping and supporting 

religious organizations 

in your local community?  Are you 

joining efforts by contributing to the wider spectrum of religious organizations' efforts

globally to develop, improve and sustain 

the whole of humanity and its 

life-sustaining environment?

There's yet "Much Work to be Done!"

It's time for the world to LEARN more

and "support" the invaluable work of

"Religious Organizations"

Around the World!

- EPACHA Foundation -

E P A C H A   F o u n d a t i o n

proudly opens its doors of


to Religious Organizations that

genuinely work to ensure

a better life and world for

"ALL  of  H U M A N I T Y "

regardless of

religious faiths / beliefs.


We're all in this together!

Whether with religion or not . . .

Let's all diligently work together

for "future generations" 

already with us today!

Many Thanks!

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