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When speaking about Officer Collins death, Pine Bluff - Arkansas Police Chief, Kelvin Sergeant said:

“I can tell you, at his heart, being a police officer is what Kevin wanted to do.”

“I remember…he always had the desire to be a Pine Bluff police officer.  And he got his opportunity on June 8, 2015.  And I will say when he raised his hand and swore to do his job, he became an excellent police officer for the Pine Bluff Police Department.

This young man, once assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit, would work day in and day out to come out and try to arrest individuals that were involved in violent crimes within our community.”

According to the Pine Bluff Commercial, Collins was a community favorite as a police officer. 

He served time as a mentor to at-risk youth in the community through the agency’s Youth Empowerment Camp.  He was also honored with the Officer of the Year award in 2017.  He received this award for his successful attempt at saving a 95-year-old man in from an apartment fire.

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When Officer Collins received the Officer of the Year Award, Collins told the 

Pine Bluff Commercial:

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“I always wanted to be a police officer.  Ever since I was little.  I saw law enforcement as a service and something I could be proud of…

“When I took on the challenge of being a police officer, someone extended a lifeline to me.  Some of those lines I pulled on are in this room tonight and I truly thank you.

“As I was pushed into my purpose as a police officer it was either sink or swim.  Thank God I chose to swim, so it seems second nature to me and my fellow officers to extend the life line to save others.”

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"LET [Law Enforcement Today]

wishes to say thank you to

Collins for his dedicated

work as a

police officer in his community. 

Rest in peace, we will take it from here."

Quote Courtesy, LET [Law Enforcement Today]

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A Prudent Reminder

"Police Officers" sent forth of "Eternity's Gate,"

have come to uphold the Law and protect

citizens & communities with

"Fully Vested Eternal

Authority of Great Weight!"

"Police Officers" sent forth of "Eternity's Gate"

are also treasured members of 

"Humanity's Family"

in every place Around the World: that

should be known and clearly understood

by adults - and also by every boy and girl!

As each patrol on beat - morning, noon and night -

diligently upholding those mandated law

enforcement duties with honor and

respect,  none should become

'fallen victims' of lawless,

criminal violence - yet not silenced!

EPACHA Extends Deepest Condolences to the

Family, Friends and Fellow Officers of

Officer Kevin Collins and of "all fallen

Police Officers" having returned

to that Eternal Gate with that

Eternal Stamp of Approval: 

"Mission Accomplished; Job Well Done!"

Rest in peace, "Eternity Itself" takes it from here.

- EPACHA Foundation - 

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