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Humanitarian Role

" . . . It is not written in stone that the transatlantic bond will survive forever. But I believe we will preserve it . . .

We stand together. We protect each other."

Above Quote, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at Lancaster House - 21 June 2018

C o u r t e s y ,   N A T O

There should never be any doubt or confusion as to the reason NATO was formed.  The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's purpose is clearly defined: "NATO’s purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means." [https://www.nato.int/nato-welcome/index.html]

With that clearly understood, NATO and its Members are ever vigilant:   keeping careful watch for possible dangers or difficulties in  a now - more than ever before - fast-changing world wherein new and unprecedented challenges not only threaten NATO Members, but also the whole of Human existence including the very environment that all of Humanity inhabits.

The earliest years of the 21st Century have already presented alarming events  evidencing heinous acts of terror, violence and brutalities against innocent and helpless populations  of vulnerable men, women and children:  cruelties against Humanity  which must be concertedly  addressed - and even forcefully halted - with the joint efforts of Nations great and small. 

With tremendous burdens of extreme hardships yet being thrust upon large populations of the helpless and vulnerable, i.e. millions being subjected to forced displacements throughout diverse areas around the world, extensive Humanitarian needs are also growing globally.  


As the world continues its journey further into this new Century and Millennium, "Partnerships for Humanity" and it's life-sustaining environment must lead the way!

Thanks to the growing "Helping Hands of NATO and it's Members" Humanity in its entirety can continue to  look forward to a secured, peaceful and prosperous co-existence  within a healthy environment NOW . . . and for future generations to come!

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March 20, 2020

Must See Video

Video Courtesy, NATO - #NATO #WeAreNATO #Coronavirus


Special Announcement

 NATO Secretary General Launches

 NATO 2030


8 June 2020

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg today (Monday 8 June) launched his outline for NATO 2030 in an online conversation with the Atlantic Council and the German Marshall Fund of the United States. “This is an opportunity to reflect on where we see our Alliance ten years from now, and how it will continue to keep us safe in a more uncertain world” the Secretary General said.

To do this, the Secretary General said, NATO must “stay strong militarily, be more united politically, and take a broader approach globally.” 

Text/Image Courtesy, NATO

Learning more on the following web page:

Special Announcement

Welcome Macedonia!

North Macedonia joins NATO as 30th Ally

Today (27 March 2020),

North Macedonia became NATO’s newest member,

upon depositing its instrument of accession to

the North Atlantic Treaty with the US State 

Department in Washington DC. NATO

Allies  signed North Macedonia's protocol

in February 2019, after which all 29 national

parliaments voted to ratify the country’s membership.


Text/Image Courtesy, NATO

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Press Office

5 MARCH 2020

Courtesy, NATO 

" Fifty years ago today, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) entered into force. We, as NATO Allies, celebrate this visionary Treaty and its remarkable achievements. The NPT remains the essential bulwark against the spread of nuclear weapons, the cornerstone of the global non-proliferation and disarmament architecture, and the framework for international cooperation in sharing the benefits of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, science, and technology. Allies remain strongly committed to full implementation of the NPT in all its aspects. . .  "

 Quote Courtesy, NATO - Read full text on the following web page:

Press Point . . .

by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg following the North Atlantic Council meeting at Turkey’s request for

Article 4 consultations on the situation in Syria

28 February 2020

Courtesy, NATO 

" . . .The North Atlantic Council has just met, following a request by Turkey to hold consultations under article 4 of NATO’s founding Washington Treaty on the situation in Syria.

Under article 4 of the Treaty, any Ally can request consultations whenever, in the opinion of any of them, their territorial integrity, political independence or security is threatened.

I spoke to the Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu last night about the situation in Syria.

And he requested these consultations. Today Turkey briefed on the serious security situation in Syria.

Allies offer their deepest condolences for the death of Turkish soldiers in last night’s bombing in Idlib. And expressed their full solidarity with Turkey.

Allies condemn the continued indiscriminate air strikes by the Syrian regime and Russia in Idlib province.

I call on them to stop their offensive. To respect international law. And to back UN efforts for a peaceful solution.

This dangerous situation must be deescalated and we urge an immediate return to the 2018 ceasefire. To avoid further worsening of the horrendous humanitarian situation in the region. And to allow urgent humanitarian access for those trapped in Idlib.  


Today’s meeting is a clear sign of solidarity with Turkey. Turkey is a valued NATO Ally and Turkey is the NATO Ally most affected by the terrible conflict in Syria, which has suffered the most terrorist attacks, and which hosts millions of refugees . . .  "


 Quote Courtesy, NATO - Read full text on the following web page:

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

Opening Remarks at the

Munich Security Conference

MSC2020 - 15 February 2020

Courtesy, NATO 

" . . . This year’s conference raises the question "has the West lost its way?"  Indeed, questions are being asked on both side of the Atlantic about the strength of our transatlantic bond. People wonder where we are heading.  And whether we will continue to go together. But does this mean that we are lost? It’s true, the path is not easy.  And sometimes we stumble.  But we have not lost our way.  And more importantly, our values have not lost their value.  Freedom, democracy and the rule of law.  They have brought unprecedented peace and prosperity.  And they remain, the values remain a beacon of hope for people around the world.  Whenever they have been threatened, we have stood up for them . . . "

 Quote Courtesy, NATO - Read full text on the following web page:

Special Announcement

Do You Know About . . .


Howard University, Washington, D.C.

February 13 - 16, 2020

Courtesy, NATO / Howard University

What are you waiting for?

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NATO's International Model Conference



April 4, 1949 - April 4,  2019

  Important Question . . . for a new era!

Does "Humanity" need NATO?


 In this new era of modern-day advancements in technological capabilities intended for the furtherance of global human

development and sustainability within a  safe  and 

healthy environment, unforeseen - and even 

unimagined - adversities which threaten the

whole of Human existence are unavoidable

challenges that cannot be ignored.


In fact, the preparedness of all

Nations must be readily joined together in

efforts toward a secured and peaceful world for all!  

"All of Humanity" needs NATO!

EPACHA Foundation - 

April 2, 2019

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited the White House

on Tuesday  (2 April 2019)  for  a  meeting  with  US

President Donald Trump.  The Secretary General

thanked President Trump for his

strong leadership and commitment to NATO.

Courtesy, NATO

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Update . . .

28 March 2019

NATO Allies agreed today (28 March 2019) to extend the mandate of Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg by

a further two years, until 30 September 2022.

Courtesy, NATO

Allies expressed their support for the Secretary General's work to adapt and modernise NATO and ensure it remains fit for the future.

Read more on the following web page:

Update . . .

15 February 2019

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave a keynote speech to the Munich Security Conference. 

Courtesy, NATO

Read more on the following web page:

L e a r n   m o r e   a b o u t . . .


NATO's Growing Humanitarian Role

on the following web page:

Courtesy, NATO

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