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United Nations Bids Farewell

Kofi Annan

"A True Statesman"

8 April 1938 – 18 August 2018

Looking Back . . .

KOFI ANNAN 7ab.jpg

. . . yet Looking Forward!

KOFI ANNAN 7cd.jpg

The Legacy of Kofi Annan

Shall forever be deeply etched with

"Exemplary Excellence" in the

History of Humanity &

History of the United Nations!

Please take time to view EPACHA's web page presentation of the

included below . . . a presentation that shall

remain a cherished part of EPACHA's work NOW. . .

and hopefully for future generations to come.

See Also Kofi Annan's Invaluable Contributions to "One Young World" at:

Former UN Secretary-General

Kofi Annan

M   U   S   T      S   E   E      V   I   D   E   O

Video Courtesy, Kofi Annan

Marking 20 Years of Leadership for



Courtesy, KAF - UN Photo/Sergey Bermeniev

On 10 December 2001, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the United Nations and its Secretary-General Kofi Annan, for “their work for a better organized and more peaceful world.” 

EPACHA Foundation Extends

A Warm Welcome Indeed! 

Courtesy, Kofi Annan

Considering the tremendous

and extensive amount of


to achieve historic successes in

the process of accomplishing the

“Sustainable Development Goals,”

former  UN Secretary-General,

K o f i   A n n a n

continues  to  bring  to  the  global

Humanitarian table an invaluable wealth

of knowledge and experience.  Without a

doubt,  a UN Secretary–General’s work

is never done! Kofi Annan is yet a key

component  that  can  contribute  to

ensuring additional progress –

including the indispensable

work needed to bring

about hallmarks of

successes in terms of

“political will and leadership.”

The  many  dire  conditions  on  a  global

scale attests to the fact that achieving the

“Sustainable Development Goals”

is not an easy feat for any one Nation,

group or individual to undertake

alone.  But with concerted

efforts together with dedicated

partners, more can be accomplished

for Humanity as a whole:  especially for

those  who  have  for  many  generations

been utterly neglected and overlooked

through no fault of their own.

As Nations great and small diligently

endeavor within the framework

of the  . . .

U n i t e d   N a t i o n s

2030 Agenda for

Sustainable Development,”

rest assured that Kofi Annan and

the “Kofi Annan Foundation” will 

continue to be a formidable

advocate for peace,

development and

human rights for “ALL” of

Humanity around the world.

- EPACHA Foundation -

The Work Continues!

Courtesy, Kofi Annan Foundation

Learn more about the work of

and how to


on the following web page:

If you haven't done so yet,

make sure to read

Kofi Annan's

latest books entitled . . .


A Life in War and Peace

ISBN-10: 1594204209


A UN for the 21st Century

ISBN-10: 1612055583

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presented herein.

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