EPACHA Foundation 

Proudly Celebrates

International Day of

Older Persons

October 1st

Courtesy, Humanity's Older Persons Around the World!

Though 'Youthful Years' may

seem long, long ago . . .

“Older Persons”

know how to gracefully grow.


Older Persons know how to wisely live.

Of good advice, Older Persons

can surely give.

“Older Persons”

can be a compass to guide . . .

Older Persons can lead in sure stride.


Youth can learn from

“Older Persons”

who are our aged and seasoned

Trees of Wisdom

who surely know . . . and can

surely show the 

wise and prudent way to go.

- EPAHA Foundation -

UN Secretary-General's 2020 Message

International Day of Older Persons

Video Courtesy, United Nations ESCAP

The 2020 Theme aims to:

  • Inform participants about the strategic objectives for the Decade of Healthy Ageing.

  • Raise awareness of the special health needs of older persons and of their contributions to their own health and to the functioning of the societies in which they live.

  • Increase awareness and appreciation of the role of the health care workforce in maintaining and improving the health of older persons, with special attention to the nursing profession.

  • Present proposals for reducing the health disparities between older persons in the developed and developing countries, so as to “Leave no one behind”.

  • Increase understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on older persons and its impact on health care policy, planning, and attitudes.

Above Text Excerpt Courtesy, United Nations

Learn more about on the following web page:

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EPACHA's Special Tribute to . . .

Older Persons

Around the World!

Are you considering the needs

of the many millions of

“Older Persons”

around the world . . .

Who were once little boys

and girls?

Are you honoring "Older Persons"


showing gratitude as you should . . .

. . . in your Nations / Countries –

in your families and local


Are you aware of the many

arduous pathways that

“Older Persons”

have labored to pave

so that we who are younger

can have a much better life?

Do you know of the

h i s t o r i c   b a t t l e s . . .

Photo Courtesy, Wikimedia Commons - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuskegee_Airmen

and many, many

s  a  c  r  i  f  i  c  e  s  .  .  .

“Older Persons”

with honor did brave


un-begrudgingly gave?

U.S.A. - Veterans Day

Or do we make them cry . . .

. . . with sorrowful tears and sufferings

until they die.

Courtesy, UNHCR

Do you know that

“Humanity as a whole”

have a responsibility to . . .  

Courtesy, UNHCR

“Older Persons”

in every place 

Around the World?!

From generation-to-generation . . .

little girls and little boys

grow-up to be . . .

“Older Persons!”

Photo Courtesy, www.UNCHR.org

So let’s all begin to make

some quality noise!

It’s time to let our voices be heard in

every place loud and clear  . . .

for the safety, health and

overall well-being of . . .

“Older Persons”


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- EPAHA Foundation -

Learn more about . . .

"International Day of Older Persons"

on the following United Nations web page:

Courtesy, United Nations




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