EPACHA Foundation Celebrates

International Day of Democracy

September 15


The Ballot Box.

Courtesy, Wikimedia Commons



Does allowing populations

of Citizenry to


automatically qualify

a government as a legitimately

functioning Democracy?



A glance at the above map which

indicates Nations' and Countries'

claims  of   "Democracy"  

may put the world at

ease . . .

if it were only true.

In the early years of the

21st Century and new Millennium,

the world has witnessed more violence,

tyrannical rule, oppression and even

the open slaughter of thousands of

innocent Citizens at a point

in time when

"Sovereign Democracies"

should be flourishing in every corner of the

globe.  And not merely flourishing simply for

the sake of 'feigned democratic recognition',

but  rather flourishing and firmly rooted  for 

the furtherance of  "democratic  principles"

while diligently engaging in legitimate

efforts to effectively govern

for assurances of freedoms, human rights,

global sustainable development and the

overall well-being and prosperity of 

"ALL of Humanity!"

With those undeniable truths clearly


what does the future hold for

"Democracies Around the World?"

- EPACHA Foundation -

UN Secretary-General's message on

International Day of Democracy:

Pandemic shines a spotlight on injustice

September 15, 2020

Courtesy, United Nations

Do You Know About . . .


Learn more about . . .

International Day of Democracy 

on the following United Nations web page:

What's YOUR



Whenever and in whatever place

‘Democracy’ exists, . . .

the legitimate and just functioning of

such  a form of governance must at  all

times ensure the freedoms, human rights, 

further sustainable development AND

tangible goal of achieving the overall

well-being and prosperity of

Humanity as a Whole!

Regarding "Democracies"

Around the World . . .

There's yet

"Much Work to be Done!" 

- EPACHA Foundation -

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