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Making Sustainable Communities Possible

Building from the Ground Up!

Humanitarian Housing

Q U E S T I O N ? 

Was the wholesome wellbeing and proper

growth and development of Humanity's

families ever intended as an existence

of abject poverty or scarce survival

within the confines of 

huts, tents and barbed-

wire fences throughout squalid refugee

camps  without  running  water  for

human sustenance and sanitation: 

not even electricity for lamps?


The number of helpless, homeless children as well as the elderly  who have been literally devoured by ferocious animals in the wild has clearly manifested in the global eye and cannot be denied. 


Throughout some of the world's the poorest areas yet lacking suitable shelter [and/or] proper housing, animals of prey are devouring human beings:  an outrageous and shockingly egregious violation of "Human Rights!"


In the process of providing suitable housing for the poorest of Humanity, every aspect of proper housing must be taken into consideration.  Special attention must be focused on those populations who are scarcely surviving in areas threatened by the harsher elements of nature and dangers posed by animals of prey.


Protection from such dangers must take precedence over other luxuries which most developed societies enjoy on a daily basis.  In its efforts to ensure the provisioning of adequate, safe, sanitary and sustainable housing for impoverished and distressed populations, EPACHA Foundation will seek the assistance of governmental and corporate entities capable of ascertaining the housing needs of impoverished populations as well as entities capable of designing and building safe sustainable communities throughout underdeveloped and developing areas.


The importance of providing humanitarian housing cannot be overly stressed. The implementation of viable humanitarian housing development initiatives, based on achievable time-frames, must encompass immediate housing urgencies as well as long-term sustainable housing developments.


Populations experiencing homelessness within refugee camps throughout the world are also encompassed within the goals of EPACHA’s humanitarian housing initiatives and objectives.


With concerted efforts aimed toward developing housing for those void of proper sheltering suitable for a wholesome home life, governments and private sector entities must join together in efforts to accomplish the fulfillment of humanitarian housing requirements.

R  e  m  i  n  d  e  r  :

Efforts to convince Humanity to 

accept such blatant violations

of housing provisioning as

"acceptable norms"

is utterly  futile!

"Human Rights"

in terms of proper and

adequate housing for the . . .

whole of Humanity is LAW!

- E P A C H A   F o u n d a t i o n -

Making Sustainable Communities Possible

Building from the Ground Up!

Humanitarian Housing:

There certainly is . . .

Much Work to  be Done Globally!


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