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for ALL!


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Is "ENERGY" a "Human Right?"

Y E S !

"Clean, Renewable, Sustainable & Affordable Energy" is an indispensable

and inextricable "Human Right"

intended to help foster the 

well-being and perpetuity of

ALL of Humanity far into the future! 

- EPACHA Foundation - 

What would the World be like

without sources of . . .



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When "Clean, Renewable, Sustainable & Affordable Energy for All"  is  reflected upon  in terms of  making energy  resources  capabilities  a  reality  for  "the  whole 

of Humanity," an energy grid considerably

composed of a host of

helping  hands  and  necessary  tools  should

be realistically depicted when formulating

energy ideas in the mind as well as within

calculations of budgetary projections

across the entire spectrum of

" e n e r g y   s e c t o r s . "

Within those calculations and

projections  to  provide  a  myriad  of 

global energy  assistance,  the  full  spectrum  of 

"financial investments, technological capabilities,

energy  infrastructures,  people  components,

equipment and materials and environmental

safety" needed to accomplish the goal

of  achieving  "Clean,  Renewable, 

Sustainable & Affordable Energy

for All" - must be considered as 

a singular, combined global priority.

None can deny that human survivability,

development and progress depends on energy

capabilities for every facet of life. Otherwise, the

lack of energy provisioning can be likened unto

the reliance on the most rudimentary forms of

energy production, i.e. the striking together

of sticks and stones in hopes of

producing a small spark or flame.

When obstructive hindrances are tallied

for each area of developmental neglect, the

lack of "energy resources and infrastructures"

are the number-one culprits which have -

over many decades - contributed to the

prevention of progressive develop-

ment and subsequent growth for

large populations systematically

relegated to an overall,

stagnated human standstill.

The neglectful non-provisioning

of energy resources for the

world's poorest of the poor

is a telling story of utter thoughtlessness

on  the part  of highly  advanced  Nations

coupled with an outright lack of care for

those who also have a “Right” to a healthy,

productive, energy-based life regardless

of ethnic [and/or] cultural origins,

religious beliefs or area of

habitation.  At this crucial

era - a time of recounting

the  accomplishments  of

past to present - the world

has crossed the threshold of the

21st Century and a new Millennium wherein

there is yet "MUCH WORK TO BE DONE."

And looking back on the many notable

"thens and nows," how can any country

or Nation be satisfied with

"all the work not done:"  that is to say,

mandated work "that must yet be done" 

for  the  hundreds  of  thousands  -  even

millions  of  Humanity's  poor  who  have

every right to enjoy the conveniences,

comforts and pleasures of accessible

energy usages - including the basic

simplicity of  . . .  turning on a

light switch to see in the dark!

Photo Courtesy, Foundation Rural Energy Services

The policies of governing entities around

the world must seriously contemplate

the future now at hand:

a time that urges the provisioning of "Clean,

Renewable, Sustainable & Affordable Energy for All."

With that in mind, the availability

of technologies together with needed

financial  investments - and  all  energy

components - must certainly be at the

very top of the "energy sector list."

By ensuring a "Clean, Renewable,

Sustainable and Affordable"

energy-based, future for

"Humanity as a whole,"

especially for those who have been

wrongfully 'cut off' and 'cut out' of the

"energy grid"  from  generation-to-

generation, the world as one can

navigate a successful journey

toward assured sustainability

and prosperity through the

promising portals of this momentous

New Century and Millennium.

- EPACHA Foundation - 


Energy is a "Human Right!"

The World as a Whole has an



to ALL of Humanity!

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