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Alaa al-Siddiq 2a.jpeg

Who was . . .

Alaa al-Siddiq?

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Courtesy, Middle East Eye

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Must See Video:

Advocating for "Human Rights" in the U.A.E.

and wider Gulf Region

Video Courtesy, Middle East Eye

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Alaa al-Siddiq 2a.jpeg

Important Questions?

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Can one daughter's activism

for "Human Rights" 

bravely bring

"Justice" to the forefront?


Can one Human Being make

a difference for the

"Human Rights"

of ALL of Humanity?


Although tragically taken

from us all for a while,

the fervent passion of 

Alaa al-Siddiq

Shall surely stand the test of

"Eternal Time" in "Human Style!"

Her brave, staunch stance for

"Human Rights" shall 

continue to reverberate

Around the World

morning, noon and night!


Alaa al-Siddiq 3a.jpg

"Human Rights" are "Eternal!"

"Human Rights" are immutable!

"Human Rights" belong to

every "Human Being" throughout

every place Around the World!

"Human Rights" belong to

"The Whole Family of Humanity!"

Deepest & Sincerest Thanks to

Alaa al-Siddiq

Human Rights Defender!

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Executive Director, ALQST

Gone . . . but Never Forgotten!

Learn more about the work of ALQST at:

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EPACHA Foundation Extends

A Special Thanks to

Middle East Eye


for allowing use of images and 

visuals presented herein.

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