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International Day of UN Peacekeepers - May 29

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"The road to a lasting peace:  Leveraging the

power of youth for peace and security."


Courtesy, United Nations

Within the framework of the International Day of United Nations PeacekeepersDe Montfort University, a UNAI member institution in the United Kingdom serving as our Hub for Goal 16: PeaceJustice and Strong Institutions, is organizing an event entitled The road to a lasting peace: Leveraging the power of youth for peace and security, with talks from leading experts from around the world. 

This year the challenges and threats faced by UN Peacekeepers are even greater than ever. Like people around the world, they are having to cope not only with the COVID-19 pandemic but also the continued requirement to support and protect others in the countries in which they are based.

The event will take place on Friday, 28 May 2021 from 12:30pm to 1:45pm (UK time).

For more information click here.

Learn more on the following web pages:

Keeping Peace for the World!

Courtesy, United Nations

In addition to keeping the peace, their missions include an extensive

array of humanitarian assistance that involves a tremendous

amount of hands-on duties and responsibilities

that many do not realize.

Courtesy, United Nations

UN Peacekeepers themselves have families - children and

loved ones - who also experience a sense of loneliness

when they are deployed and great happiness

upon their return home to family and friends.

Courtesy, United Nations

UN Peacekeepers

Also Make the Ultimate Sacrifice!

Honoring Heroes of Peace - United Nations

Fallen Peacekeepers

R e m e m b e r

Like War . . .

Peace Must be Waged!

Courtesy, United Nations

L e a r n   m o r e   a b o u t

United Nations Peacekeeping

Courtesy, United Nations

You may be encouraged to . . . 

participate in a particular

UN Mission

or just simply want to . . .


 Thank a UN Peacekeeper

for helping to bring

“ P E A C E ”

to the World!

Many Thanks!

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