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Take Care of the Planet!

Courtesy, Turner Foundation

“It’s Planet Earth.


  The whole place."

Courtesy, Turner Foundation

" I’ve been from the Arctic to the rainforest to the equator to the desert.

I’ve been in over 70 countries. I love this  world. I want  to see humanity

succeed, and learn to live in peace

and harmony with the

environment and each other.

Courtesy, Turner Foundation

“When I was a kid, I read a lot of books about animals in Africa, about

butterflies, birds, whales,

plants, flowers, trees, everything.

The natural world fascinated me.”

Above Quotes Courtesy, 





Courtesy, UN Environment Programme - Photo by Nanang Sujana/CIFOR

History has - and continues to - proudly


etch with much approval a most


exemplary footprint to follow.


“R. E. “TED” Turner III”


has bravely blazed -  and continues to charter


a prudent course to follow far into the future.


His willingness to harness the lead with an


unmatched enterprising


and philanthropic spirit of determination


has been – and is yet – indispensable


in the responsible navigation of


“All of Humanity”


toward a better world within a healthy,

sustainable environment.  And thanks


to the work of the Turner Foundation,


environmental concerns include

"Protecting & Restoring the Natural World."

- EPACHA Foundation -

Our Environment and the Survival


of the Human Species

“In fact Turner believes so emphatically in

protecting  the  environment  from  further

degradation that he views it as no less than,

“an effort to ensure the survival of

the human species.”

To that end, the Foundation was created

in 1990 and is committed to preventing

damage to the natural systems - water, air,

and land - on which all life depends.”

Courtesy, Turner Foundation

Learn more about the mission


and important work of

Courtesy, Turner Foundation

at the following website:

Reminder . . . 



toward a better world within a

healthy, protected


sustainable environment

Video Stanford Graduate School of Business - Uploaded on April 27, 2010

An Interview With


Ted Turner: Take Care of the Planet!

Video Stanford Graduate School of Business - Uploaded on April 27, 2010

Video Stanford Graduate School of Business - Uploaded on April 27, 2010

Video Stanford Graduate School of Business - Uploaded on April 27, 2010


Tenacity. Eternal. Determination.


Three words cannot simply acknowledge


or describe the significance of


long list of contributions to our shared

Planet and its inhabitants.

Ted Turners unmatched ingenuity of having interconnected the whole world as never before

shall forever shine brightly as an indelible 

Hallmark in Human History.

- EPACHA Foundation -



Learn also about

Turner Renewable Energy

at the following web site:

Courtesy, Turner Renewable Energy



Looking Back . . .

Ted Turner Through the Years

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The Maverick Man

Click below to watch "The Maverick Man" documentary video excerpt:

Video Stanford Graduate School of Business - Uploaded on April 27, 2010



A Quintessential Pioneer!

L e g e n d a r y   M e d i a   M o g u l .

Enterprising Entrepreneur.

P h i l a n t h r o p i s t .

C o u r t e s y ,

R. E. "Ted" Turner III (U.S.A.)


Founder & Chairman

Connecting You With the United Nations!

Are You Connecting With the United Nations?

Are You Partnering With the United Nations?

What are you waiting for?

Courtesy, United Nations - UN Foundation

It's Time to Connect!

It's Time to Partner!


Want to Learn More?

"CALL ME TED" is an autobiography written by American businessman Ted Turner, released on November 10, 2008. The book was written

over the course of three years with the

help of Bill Burke, a former executive for TBS."

Above Text Courtesy, Wikipedia

Now, here’s something special for


Around the World and . . .

adults who are yet young at heart.


Did you know that the idea for


“CAPTAIN PLANET and the Planeteers”


originated with Ted Turner?!

A True Planeteer!

Courtesy, Ted Turner

Learn more on the following web page: 

Support / Contribute


Remember . . .

"The Power is Yours!"

Take Care of the Planet!

Courtesy, Turner Foundation


Wait!  There's More . . .

A Very Special Thank You is Extended to

 “Ted Turner”  

now celebrating its 29th year of movie entertainment with the launch of . . . 

We're still watching!


“R. E. “TED” Turner III”

An  American "Icon & Legend" in His Own Time!

Courtesy, Ted Turner 

A Cherished Hero for "ALL of Humanity!"

Courtesy, Ted Turner - United Nations Foundation

A "True Steward" of Planet Earth!

Courtesy, Turner Foundation

Humanity and Earth itself shall

forever remember the name

and legacy of . . .

“R. E. “TED” Turner III”

with well-deserved respect 

and much gratitude.

- EPACHA Foundation -

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