COGI's can . . .


for . . .


COGI's [ Corporations / Organizations /

Groups / Individuals ] can make a

world of difference in efforts

to fulfill the needs of

those of Humanity lacking the most!

Courtesy, R. E. Turner III

Who knows more about that 'catchy phrase',

"Early to bed, early to rise, work like * * * *

and advertise" than "TED" himself.  No

doubt, Ted Turner is well-acquainted

with the "ups & downs" of the

Corporate World and

the spirit of entrepreneurial adventure 

coupled with his own bravery & daring

of bold and effective enterprising

that changed the world forever. 

And who also knows more about . . .


Courtesy, R. E. Turner III

It's yet not an easy task to follow in

the footsteps of Ted Turner - a

quintessential, pioneering

legend in his own time! 

By no means were his

first-ever, break-through 

accomplishments overshadowed

during a time when the world was historically unfolding - while at

the same time being remarkably 

interconnected as never before

by none other than Ted Turner.

Ted's brilliant ingenuity

and tenacious drive successfully

created the first television channel 

to provide 24-hour news coverage;

 CNN: Cable News Network. 

Robert E. Turner III, manned the helm

 and boldly navigated the whole world  forward through the portals of an

uncharted, unfolding future!

Without a doubt, Ted Turner knows

 a great deal about

News Broadcasting and . . .


 Achieving a Desired Objective!


A Better Global World for All!

Clean. Healthy. Energy Efficient. 

Living Within

Humanity's Environment:

Our Natural Habitat!

There Certainly is . . .

Much Work to be Done

Around the World!

Of course, the purpose of "Advertisement" is

to draw attention in efforts to promote sales

of products and / or services.  

And the wider the audience - with effective  advertisement, the greater the end result.

By no means is EPACHA looking at

"Advertisement" on its website

as though peering with

unrealistic shaded eyes.

Although EPACHA's website is not overly extensive and its visitors may not be

great in numbers, the benefits of

placing your appropriate

"advertisement" with

EPACHA can be a

gratification far greater than

traditional advertisement venues.

Consider those more important aspects

and results that COGI's [ Corporations / Organizations / Groups / Individuals can achieve with an indelible mark in Humanitarian History.  

"Advertise" on "EPACHA's"

website and also . . .


For as little as $1, $2 or $3 per day [*]your

"Not-for-profit Advertisement Logo" 

will appear for viewers as

EPACHA's work continues

in the process of . . .


[*] Minimum number of days: 365.  

Scroll down to Reserve!

- EPACHA Foundation -

Corporations / Organizations /

Groups / Individuals

Don't Wait . . . Reserve NOW,

Early . . . Not Late!

Which Is Your Special Logo?

Weblinks Courtesy, Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

Advertising for Humanity is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Select logo image with text [e.g. company motto]; email to EPACHA.

2. Indicate $1, $2 or $3 per day; Donate [auto renew if desired].

3. Proudly enjoy your "Advertisement for Humanity."

 "Thank You!"

$365.00; 1 yr. per logo

Contributions will be "Donated for Various Charitable Purposes" including

EPACHA Foundation's

Not-for Profit "Work to Be Done" Activities.

Click to Locate Your Logo Advertisement Display:

Make Sure to Complete the Following Info.

Please Reserve the following

"Not-for-Profit Advertisement for Humanity!"

Reserve Now . . . DONATE Later!

  NOTE:  Reserve Your Logo Advertisement NOW!!  Donations Accepted Beginning Sept. 1, 2021

DONATION Reminder will be emailed by EPACHA.

  NOTE:  Reserve Your Logo Advertisement NOW!! Donations Accepted Beginning Sept. 1, 2021



It's a good time &

good idea to start "Advertising"

for . . .



EPACHA Foundation Extends

Sincerest Thanks to


Robert E. Turner III

for allowing use of images and print

presented herein.

Learn more about Ted Turner on the following web pages:

Connecting you with the United Nations

“Ted Turner”


Now celebrating its 27th year of movie

entertainment with the launch of . . . 

We're still watching!


Did you know that the idea for


“CAPTAIN PLANET and the Planeteers”


originated with Ted Turner?!

A True Planeteer!

Courtesy, Ted Turner


Ted Turner's Most Important

Advertisement . . . 

Take Care of the Planet!

Courtesy, Turner Foundation

Many Thanks Ted Turner!

Humanity Shall Never Forget

Your Invaluable, Lasting Contributions to the

World as a Whole.

- EPACHA Foundation -

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