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March 25, 2019

The Secretary-General's Message on the

International Day of Remembrance

for the

Victims of Slavery & the

Transatlantic Slave Trade

M a r c h   2 5 ,   2 0 1 9

The transatlantic slave trade was one of history’s most appalling manifestations of human barbarity.

We must never forget the crimes and impacts, in Africa and beyond, across the centuries.

The United Nations Remember Slavery Programme helps to ensure that the lessons are learned and heeded today.

Enslaved people struggled against a legal system they knew was wrong.

On many occasions, they sacrificed their lives in the hope of freedom.

We need to tell the stories of those who stood up against their oppressors, and recognize their righteous resistance.

On this International Day of Remembrance, we pay homage to the millions of African men, women and children who were denied their humanity and forced to endure such abominable cruelty.

We honour them by standing up against ongoing forms of slavery, by raising awareness of the dangers of racism in our time, and by ensuring justice and equal opportunities for all people of African descent today.

Thank you.

Learn more on the following web page:

Special Announcement

Exhibition on Slavery in New York to Mark International Day for Victims of

Transatlantic Slave Trade

21 March - 8 April 2019


Courtesy, United Nations / New York Historical Society

"A new exhibition, From Africa to the New World: Slavery in New York, will officially open in the Visitors’ Lobby of United Nations Headquarters in New York on 21 March, from 1:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. and will be displayed until 8 April in observance of the International Day or Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Produced by the New York Historical Society in collaboration with the Remember Slavery Programme of the United Nations Department of Global Communications, the exhibition describes the impact that the transatlantic slave trade had on persons of African descent, both free and enslaved, living in New York City during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the role that art played in their struggle for freedom."


Visitors to these events must register in advance.  More information is available at:


Above Text Courtesy, United Nations

S  L  A  V  E  R  Y  : 


Always a heinous CRIME!

P   E   T  E   R  .



" B R U T A L I Z E D "


" S L A V E R Y ! "

Courtesy, Louie Psihoyos/Corbis –  http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2007/mar/15/race.past

Did you know that Slavery in the


United States existed long before


its founding in 1776?!

The Transatlantic Slave Trade "Brutalized and Victimized Humanity"

in a manner which was wholly illegal and inconceivably brutal!

Recent   attempts   to  reclassify   the   crimes  committed   during

the Transatlantic Slave Trade - that is, attempts to disassociate

"Slavery" from the purpose of the Transatlantic Trade

is not only foolish in thought, it is an outright

insult  to  "HISTORY"  itself  and the

recorded numbers of "VICTIMS,"

[including generational descendants]

who were oppressed and subjected to the

intentionally prolonged, lawless cruelties and

aftermath of   "institutionalized   SLAVERY!"

As the world anticipates an exciting and prosperous future,

having already crossed the threshhold of the 21st Century,

and new Millennium, there is yet a tremendous

amount of unfinished business!

All that has been gained and prospered from the

Transatlantic Slave Trade has yet satistified the desired

fulfillment of "JUSTICE!" And as the world is now witnessing

around  the  globe, "CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY"

never goes unnoticed or unpunished, albeit hundreds of

years go by wherein the poorest and most vulnerable

and  helpless of  humanity  remain

grossly violated and neglected.

As a matter of fact,



21st CENTURY " S L A V E R Y ! "

The world is progressing further into the future. And

stark realities lie ahead! No longer can the crimes

of the past be swept under the rug of

progress and forgetfulness!

The misconception that "progress equals forgetfulness"

is ludicrous: without a doubt this kind of short-term

memory loss has been the rule to follow when it comes

to   the  fulfilment  of "JUSTICE  concerning  SLAVERY."

In reality, "JUSTICE" has  yet to be satisfied for the whole

gamut of historic wrongs never made right. Only obvious

results   that  actually show evidence of "JUSTICE"  at

work with tangible results made manifest in our

every-day physical world can truly satisfy the

thirst of "JUSTICE" concerning the range of

horrendous crimes committed during -

and  as  a  result of - the  infamous

"Transatlantic  Slave  Trade"

which lasted for several hundred years!

Slavery  is  a cruel  and  dehumanizing  act  of  criminality.

As the dawning of the 21st Century brought forth a new light

that illuminates the pathway into the future, so has the

world as a whole awoken to the realization that

"SLAVERY" is a heinous crime:

A crime which must yet be

completely eradicated in every

place on a global scale with clearly

viable results that respect the "Human Rights" of

"ALL"  yet enslaved while satisfying the demands of


- EPACHA Foundation -

R   E   M   E   M   B   E   R  :


 S   L   A   V   E   R   Y   


 i s  a   h e i n o u s

“Crime Against Humanity!”







And if any Nation, governing or organized

entity  attempt  to trivialize, set  aside

and not recall the full spectrum

of the heinous horrors of




HISTORY itself shall bring forth

  every evidence of facts:  undeniable, lawless 

inflictions  committed   against   persons  of

humanity.   Thus, generations to come shall

forever  be  reminded of  the  cruelties and

brutalities  of  enslavement  at  the  hands

of inhumane, tyrannical rulers which

“ i n s t i t u t i o n a l i z e d ”


the lawlessness of slavery


which  yet  occurs  today


throughout diverse places


around the world – even in the


21st Century and new Millennium.

Above Text, EPACHA Foundation

L  E  A  R  N   M  O  R  E

Educational Database:

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

A Database on CD-ROM documents the forced

migration of an estimated 12 million


Africans from 1519 - 1867.

The CD-ROM database is a file of 27,233 Trans-Atlantic slaving

voyages which sailed from Africa to the Americas.
For more information on  Cambridge's  powerful research tool visit:



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for allowing use of images, visuals and

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