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If you love baseball, you'll always love . . .

Jackie Robinson!

January 31, 1919 - October 24, 1972

Courtesy, Jackie Robinson Foundation

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Baseball is for Everyone!

Players & . . .

Fans alike . . .

Joined together for . . .

The Love of the Game!

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Many Thanks . . .

Jackie Robinson!

Jackie, you broke the color barrier.

For the "love of the game" you were

the carrier of heaped harshness

you never deserved.

With your determination to make a

better Nation - in every uniform - you faithfully served.

You've kept the "best of baseball"

alive in our hearts for "100 years!"

You firmly stood for all that

is just and right!

Your enduring "Humanity" shall

thrive in our Souls forever . . .

Morning, noon and night.

Jackie never faltered.

Jackie never switched.

Now . . .

"Education" is Jackie's Pitch!

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Rachel Robinson . . .

"Pitching Education"

As we celebrate the 100th Centennial

of the remarkable Life & Legacy of

Jackie Robinson

Let's All "Pitch-in" for Education!


by clicking on the following web link:


Also . . . Keep the Date

Jackie Robinson Museum

Opened in 2020


In Jackie's own words . . .

Again, Many  Thanks Jackie!

You've have changed

Baseball and the 

Whole World forever!

- EPACHA Foundation -

Learn more about Jackie Robinson on the following web page:

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