International Literacy Day

September 8

Oh, what knowledge can

be gained by being

able to read

and write the same.

From Ancient Times

Until Today . . .

"Reading and Writing"

are . . .

Humanity's Way!

- EPACHA Foundation -

International Literacy Day 

September 8, 2020

2020 Theme:  Literacy teaching and learning in the

COVID-19 crisis and beyond."

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R e m i n d e r . . .

It's everyone's responsibility

to ensure a world of

"Literacy for All!"

Are YOU . . .

Investing . . .

in . . .

" L I TE R A C Y ? "

Being able to read & . . .

write is a very . . .

important "Human Right!" 

Learn more about the history of

International Literacy Day

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"The UN's Sustainable Development Goals,

adopted  by world leaders in  September 2015,

promotes, as  part of its agenda,  universal

access  to quality education and  learning

opportunities throughout people’s lives.

Sustainable Development Goal 4

has as  one of its targets  ensuring all

young people achieve literacy and

numeracy and that adults

who  lack  these  skills  are

given the opportunity to acquire them."

Above Quote Courtesy, United Nations

EDUCATION SDG-goals_Goal-04.png

Make sure to promote the

Importance of “Literacy”

in your home, school and community!

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