Bill Gates and Ban Ki-moon Launch . . .

"Global Commission on Adaptation"

Courtesy, Flickr / World Economic Forum

“We are at a moment of high risk and great promise,”

Gates said in a press release.  “We  need  policies  to  help vulnerable populations adapt and we need to ensure

that governments  and  other stakeholders 

are  supporting innovation and

helping deliver those breakthroughs

to the people and places that need them most.”

Quote Courtesy, Bill Gates

Above Text Source, GLOBAL CITIZEN

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Thanks to the steadfast concerns and

unyielding global efforts of . . .

Bill Gates and Ban Ki-moon,

a new force of stewardship "aims to strengthen funding and practical 

solutions for people

and economies

coping with climate change."

Special Announcement:

The Netherlands is Hosting the World’s First

Climate Adaptation Summit
January 25 - 26, 2021


Text / Image Courtesy, https://www.cas2021.com/

"Former UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, recalled this Friday that "there is no vaccine to fix our changing climate" and warned that this phenomenon is "occurring now and much more quickly ”, so it is necessary to put “adaptation ”and“ mitigation ” policies before global warming.  . . "

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Climate Change is an undeniable reality!

Natural adaptations like mangroves are around 30 times cheaper than manmade seawalls, according to a recent report from Lloyd's of London. Steve Shattuck/Flickr

Global Citizens Around the World

must join together to face

every evident reality of

our changing climate. 


to  climate  change  is

essential if Humanity as a whole

is to be sustained NOW . . . and far into

the future for many generations to come.

Courtesy, Photo by Andy Nelson/AP - The Washington Post

Are YOU doing your part to combat

Climate Change as a . . .


Are  WE ALL  reminding  our

governing  entities  and  other

stakeholders of much needed

Climate Change policies

for the protection, further

development and

sustainability of Humanity

and its global homeland, Earth?



Adaption to Climate Change

is . . . inevitable!

Policies to combat Climate Change are . . . unavoidable!

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