The First Amendment and

 "Human Rights"

Quote Courtesy, The Founding Fathers


Does the "First Amendment" of the "Constitution of the United States"

have anything to do with . . . 

"Human Rights?"

Answer . . .



Should "First Amendment Rights"

be lawlessly Violated? 

Answer . . .


"In the Spotlight:

A Check on

Our Democracy"

No Nation great or small can deny that the journey

into the 21st Century has been fraught with

unexpected and unprecedented perils.  

An array of ground-shaking global

events have made its advent into this new era

indicating  with  impetus  "CHANGE"  that 

must  come  to pass if our democracy  is  to

survive - with the guiding moral compass

of Humanity leading the way - NOW

and . . . far into the future.

And whether great or small, global governing

entities are not exempt from changes that ensures

sustainability far into the future!  The pathway

forward is already being landscaped with the

"petitions of peaceful protesters" exercising

their right to make their voices heard

and understood throughout diverse

places - of wealth and poverty -

"Around the World." 


Future generations of the U.S.A. are already with

us today:  demanding through "Peaceful Protest"

within the framework of the "Constitution of

the United States" those inalienable and

inextricable rights that include a

government of law, justice,

equality, civil rights and 

certainly "Human Rights" for the

U.S. Citizenry and whole of Humanity!

Shocking horrors are being witnessed within

America's own borders by its own U.S. Citizenry

from the lawless, public killing of innocent Citizens

like George Floyd [by lawless policing] to public, 

violent attacks [by governing entities] against

innocent, Peaceful Protesters


Such egregious acts are also being evidenced

not only in the U.S. but also Around the World. 

Thus, reflecting in the eyes of the World an 

America with its light dimly lit but yet

sitting on a hill for all to see as

a global example - not so

worthy to proudly follow.

Who will lawfully lead us? 

Courtesy, The Founding Fathers

Who will firmly stand to justly

uphold our inalienable,

Constitutional Rights: 

"Civil & Human Rights?"

Who will diligently teach our Children about the utmost importance of

ensuring and safeguarding the sustainability of a lawfully

functioning democracy? 

"We the People" Must!


From Sea-to-Shining-Sea . . .

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

Photo Courtesy, AFP

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!

Courtesy, ake May/The Flint Journal via AP.  Pete Tedford, cousin, of Calvin Munerlyn, and Dorothy Nelson, sister of Munerlyn,

hold each other closely outside a Family Dollar store, May 3, 2020, in Flint, Mich. Munerlyn, a security

"We the People" Must!

"We the People" Must!


"We the People" Must

Teach and Guide

Far into the

Future for Many

Generations to Come.

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