Utter Condemnation:


Crime Against Humanity!

Must See Video

Zenaida Machado is a Researcher from

Human Rights Watch

September 2020

Video Courtesy, SABC News

"There is growing condemnation of a video that surfaced at the beginning of the week on social media, which shows a naked woman being

beaten and executed by men in army

uniform. The men are heard in the

video accusing her of being a

member of the terror group, Al-Shabaab. Mozambique is battling an insurgency in its northern gas-rich Cabo Delgado province since 2017. The conflict is one of the least understood

in the world, with some militants, claiming allegiance  to the Islamic State  in  the

Middle East.  We  have  not  been

able  to  independently  verify

the footage, but the country's

Interior Ministry has said

the video is propaganda

by terrorists to tarnish

the  country's  image."

Text Quote Courtesy, SABC News

Time to Condemn:

Time to Enforce . . .


throughout every place

Around the World!

Spread across the globe throughout diverse places "cluttered crime boards"

can  be found with a host of  law  enforcement endeavoring to solve a wide-range of crimes. 

And in a world wherein criminal behavior

has  become a norm of  acceptability -

even to the point by which governing

entities have become the culprits &

perpetrators - then the world can

rest assured that the

height of  lawlessness has reached

a historic & detrimental  apex of

an unsustainable

continuation of . . . "business as usual."

- EPACHA Foundation -


Time to Condemn

Crimes Against Humanity!





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