World Humanitarian Day

August 19, 2020

"A global campaign that celebrates Humanitarians - a “THANK YOU”

to the people who have


their lives to helping others!"

Quote Courtesy, United Nations - Photo:  WFP/Hussam Al Saleh

Staff at the Ghasouleh warehouse package food assistance commodities. They are now wearing masks and taking regular temperature checks to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections.


C o u r t e s y ,

Providing life-saving support

during the

Covid-19 pandemic


"As a Humanitarian, I am called to save Humanity."


Courtesy, UN Cameroon


Courtesy, UN Cameroon

During this unprecedented global medical emergency, many of the world's poorest - dwelling within abject, poverty-stricken areas - are exerting to full capacity every effort to prevent and contain COVID-19.


Many having not even the bare healthcare necessities for self-protection, dedicated "Humanitarians" are not deterred from caring for the helpless and most vulnerable.

Since the advent of mankind on Earth, there has never been wide-spread, global shortages of "riches for the rich."  And now in the 21st century, vast populations of humanity are yet languishing in dire poverty, facing a most dangerous pandemic. 


The devastation of COVID-19 is a reality none can deny:  the loss of life continues to mount as cases continue to increase. And every aspect of life on Earth continues to be adversely affected. 


The reality is stark:  COVID-19 continues on an uncontrolled path grasping to consume the "rich as well as the poor" without discrimination.  


But in this global battle against COVID-19, evidence of genuine humanity is being seen:  the real substance of Humanitarians "steeped in poverty" is being witnessed with exemplary action that puts to shame the inaction of the "riches of the rich."

Now is the time for Nations and corporations - including groups and individuals - of wherewithal to make a memorable mark in "Humanitarian History!"

It's never too late to become "REAL-LIFE HUMANITARIAN HEROES!" 

- EPACHA Foundation -


" Humanitarians"

are indeed . . .


everyday . . . 

Around the World!

Humanity Thanks You!

Courtesy, UN Cameroon

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EPACHA Foundation Extends Sincere Thanks to

United Nations and all who help 

remind the World that

Humanitarians are indeed . . .


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