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EPACHA Foundation Proudly

Celebrates Our Life-Sustaining Environment

World Environment Day

June 5

It's World Environment Day

June 5, 2019

Are YOU beating air pollution?

Courtesy, UN Environment

"It is time to act decisively. My message to governments is clear: tax pollution; end fossil fuel subsidies; and stop building new coal plants. We need a green economy not a grey economy."

Learn more on the following web page:

Blue Sky . . . Clean Air!

Courtesy, National Geographic - Timothy G. Laman - Rain Forests, Incubators of Life

Clean, Green . . . Planet!

Courtesy, National Geographic - Michael Nichols - Rain Forest

Clean Water . . . a Healthy,

Courtesy, National Geographic - Flip Nicklin/Minden Pictures - Humpback Whale Massaxchuasetts

Sustainable Future . . .

for "All of Humanity!"

Courtesy, Wikimedia Commons, Kasai Rinkai Park in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan.  The park includes

an aquarium and a bird sanctuary - Photographer, Masahiro Hayata from Tokyo, Japan

Q U E S T I O N ?

Are you doing your part 

to preserve and

conserve our

Environment:  Humanity's

Life-Sustaining Habit?

Learn more about the

United Nations Environment Programme

on the following web page:


World Environment Day! 

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