Starvation & Hunger in the 21st Century

Children of Somalia - Starvation in the 21st Century - A Human Tragedy.

Humanity’s homeland, Earth naturally flourishes with bountifulness for healthy sustenance.  Earth is Humanity's life-sustaining planetary habitation that cannot be blamed for malnutrition, hunger & starvation.

So, with that understood . . . Who’s to blame for horrific situations of hunger & starvation throughout the world?!

Z l a t a n   I b r a h i m o v i ć

Professional Soccer Player’s

Message and Passion

f  o  r

T H E   W O R L D ’ S   H U N G R Y

805 Million Names

Q  u  e  s  t  i  o  n  ?

Do you know the names . . .

of all the . . .

"hungry people"

. . . in the world?

M   U   S   T      S   E   E      V  I  D  E  O  :

Professional Soccer Player’s

Message and Passion

f  o  r

T H E   W O R L D ’ S   H U N G R Y

805 Million Names – Zlatan Ibrahimović

Video Courtesy,  World Food Programme - Music by Jónsi – Tornado

United Nations World Food Programme

Fighting Hunger Worldwide

C o u r t e s y ,

The World's Hungry 

Must be Fed

Feeding the world's hungry . . .

Courtesy, Wikipedia - Matt Murphy, U.S. State Department

Learn more about WFP at:

is not an easy job, but the . . .

Courtesy, Haidar Mohammed Ali/AFP/Getty Images

World Food Programme . . .

continues with unyielding . . .

determination in its efforts . . .

to fight hunger worldwide.

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