International Mother

Earth Day

April 22, 2021

Humanity's Planetary Homeland

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When Mother Earth rise'th to

firmly stand,

that Natural beauty of Earth

itself shall surely been seen

throughout every land.

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Will Humanity ever see Earth

restored from shore-to-shore;

from sea-to-sea? 

Will Humanity ever truly know? 

That Natural beauty of beloved

Mother Earth shall be seen -

shall openly show!


Are we all doing our part to ensure the

Natural beauty of Mother Earth?

As the global communities

of the World continue

progressing through

the portals of a new

Century and Millennium, Nations

great and small must be mindful in all

diligence - ensuring action that exemplifies responsible stewardship

for the care of Humanity's 

planetary homeland of

invaluable, life-sustaining worth:

Our Beloved Mother Earth.

If the Family of Humanity knowing and respecting

the life-sustaining, invaluable worth of beloved

Mother Earth is NOT the source of

planetary abuses . . . then WHO IS?

- EPACHA Foundation -

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International Mother Earth Day

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"There is no Plan B . . .

because there is no Planet B."

Quote Courtesy, Ban Ki-moon - 8th UN Secretary-General

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