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International Day of Forests

March 21, 2018

Courtesy, United Nations - FAO

Do you know that

"Sustainable Cities" are an

important part of our future . . .

So are "Forests!"





Is that very important connection between

"Cities" and "Forests" being understood

and expressed globally?

Cities can be fun places to live in

and visit.  And because of the

beneficial values that cities 

provide, each municipality

must be sustained as

habitable places

of great importance.


And "Forests" must also be sustained

as natural, life-sustaining habitats.

Let's all keep in mind that "Cities"

are built within our Earth's

natural landscape.  In fact,

without "Cities," large

parts of Earth would

be naturally huge,

life-sustaining habitations

with natural playgrounds for 

"All of Humanity" to naturally

flourish throughout and enjoy. 

- EPACHA Foundation -



March 21 is the UN’s International Day of Forests.


This year, the theme is Forests and Sustainable Cities.

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International Day of Forests

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