First Responders

Around the World:

Many Thanks!

9/11 First Responders

Mere words of "Thanks" are

never enough for global

"First Responders"

who are expertly trained with the quickness of readied emergency 

response to save lives, provide aid

and prevent further harm / 

damage wherever urgent 

assistance is needed.

- EPACHA Foundation -

Are YOU appreciating . . .

"First Responders?"

Are you considering the

degree of constant stress,

trauma and danger

experienced by. . .

"First Responders?"

Are you realizing the perils

that go hand-in-hand

with the heroic efforts of

"First Responders"

as each bravely

rush forward to . . .

. . . to save lives, provide aid

and prevent further

harm while putting their

own lives in danger?!

Without a doubt, the dangers

are great!

Even when Earth itself

rumbles and quake, . . .

"First Responders" are first on the

scene - readied never late!

Whether Natural disasters . . . 

. . . or man-made hazards, . . .

. . . which threaten us within

our life-sustaining

environment, . . .

"First Responders" do not pick

and choose in times of

dire emergencies.

"First Responders" are cherished and indispensable 

"Heroes" dedicated to protect!

When "First Responders" saves

a human life, there's

never any regret!

After all is said and done, the

determined & tireless work of

"First Responders" 

to save and protect

are efforts that have won!

FIRST RESPONDERS Global-First-Responders
FIRST RESPONDERS Global-First-Responders
FIRST RESPONDERS Global-First-Responders

Let's Show . . . We Care!

Global Foundation for First Responders



Global Foundation for First Responders

FIRST RESPONDERS Global-First-Responders

EPACHA Foundation Extends Sincere Thanks

to all who helped make its 

"First Responders Around the World!"

web page possible.

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