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EPACHA Foundation Extends

 Congratulations to All 2020  

CNN HEROES 2020 2a.jpg

Courtesy, CNN Heroes

Learn more about the valuable work of

"Everyday People" . . .

Changing the World!

Learn more

Click here:

  Hero of the Year 2020:

"H U M A N I T Y"

Around the World!

CNN HEROES 2020 4a.jpg

The year 2020 shall surely be remembered as an unprecedented time in history when the

World changed forever!   Everyday 

people will also be remembered

as dedicated heroes who

helped those in need . . . 

across the full spectrum of life.

CNN Heroes are indeed

"Humanity's Heroes!"

Sincerest Thanks to All!  

CNN HEROES 2020 3a.jpg

Courtesy, CNN Heroes

Learn more about some of the most inspiring

moments of 2020 at:

You can "nominate" a CNN Hero!


Here's  How!

Video Courtesy, CNN Heroes

Reminder . . .

Each year is another year to 

"nominate" your CNN Hero!

Many Thanks to Co-Hosts

Anderson Cooper & Kelly Ripa and

"All Supporting Stars!"

CNN HEROES 2020 1a.jpg

Courtesy, CNN Heroes

EPACHA Foundation Extends a

Very Special Thank You

to a Very Special


R. E. "Ted" Turner III

Courtesy, Ted Turner

Without "Ted Turner," there would be no CNN.

And without CNN, there would be no  

Many Thanks,


Remember . . .

We can “all” be “Everyday Heroes”

by sincerely seeking out those who need a

caring hand of help in our families,

neighborhoods and broader

communities; the areas

wherein we interact on a

daily basis. As there certainly is


a profound difference of improvement can

result if heroic acts of genuine helpfulness

are a central focus of the responsible work

of local officials.  Local support is a

welcoming and indispensable

catalyst toward a better

world for allAs we

continue to progress

through the portals of

the 21st Century and

this New Millennium, let’s

keep in mind that it’s really up

to “everyday people” working together

to bring forth that sure and promising future for

children – who are the future – already with us today.

- EPACHA Foundation -

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