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Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Q  u  e  s  t  i  o  n ?

Can the global community

of Nations justify


lawless acts of 

"Sexual Crimes" 

yet being committed


"Young Boys"

in Afghanistan . . . or in any Country Around the World?

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Must See Video!

Click on web link below to Watch Full Documentary Video entitled:

"The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan"

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Courtesy, pbs – FRONTLINE

Read more on the following web page:

Read Also Interview With: Nazer Alimi,

Director of the UNICEF-funded Youth Information and

Contact Center in Mazar-e-Sharif

Courtesy, pbs – FRONTLINE



Courtesy, Daily Motion - Read more at:

Sexual Violations Against

Young Boys

and Girls . . .

are nothing less than:





Crimes Against Children

are . . .

Crimes Against Humanity!

Are Sexual Crimes Being

Committed Against Young Boys

and Girls in Your Country?

Do Not Keep Silent!

Courtesy, BBC

Demand of your Country’s governing

entity[ies] an immediate end to

sexual crimes against

“Children” . . .

who are the most vulnerable and

helpless “Citizens” Around the World.

- EPAHA Foundation - 

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