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Corona Virus [COVID-19] 

in the . . . U.S.A.

Corona Virus [COVID-9] in the USA - Map

Courtesy,  Maryland Today - Geography Researchers Show Disease Progression Over Space, Time

With hopes of steady progress throughout the 21st Century, the U.S. and the world are

now facing the full spectrum of

unprecedented challenges the

Corona Virus [COVID-19]

has brought to Nations

great and small.

This National and Global pandemic

is forcing prudent action for a

safer, healthier existence

 NOW and for

future generations

already with us today.

National unity & global solidarity is a 

must in the fight against COVID-19.

Let's all do our part!

- EPACHA Foundation -

Are "We The People" keeping count of this tragic pandemic?!

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Click below for

Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance


Ray Hall, UM-Flint public safety directo

 If "Law Enforcement" is willing to be masked

  in an effort to save thousands - even 

  millions of lives during this

 dangerous pandemic . . .

should "We the People" do the same by

following safer, prudent, public examples?!

Keep Up-to-Date:  Learn more on the following web pages:

Corona Virus [COVID-19]

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CDC COVID-19 1a.jpg
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Let's All Proudly Remember that


from Sea-to-Shining-Sea . . .

"We are ALL Americans"


The Corona Virus [COVID-19] pandemic

brings to light long-hidden realities

Nations can no longer deny.

The U.S. is now viewing - with shocking 

starkness - "revealed shortcomings"

[which are proving to be detrimental] 

as well as "hidden strengths" that

are being put into action.

COVID-19 USA 1aa.jpg

An impressive display of competent capablities to effectively manage and cope with COVID-19 are being witnessed from

"Sea-to-Shining Sea!"

Heroic efforts to

save lives continue 

with the understanding

that whether young or old - the

Corona Virus can vigorously attack.


None can deny that throughout communities wherein

economic disparities have long

been evident, the impact of 

COVID-19 is proving

to be even greater.

COVID-19 has hit the Navajo Nation harder than almost anywhere, its leaders promise 'we will win'

Courtesy, and The Arizona Republic  [May 19, 2020]

Honest reflection with contemplation

of indisputable evidence during this

21st century COVID-19 pandemic 

speaks volumes concerning America's 

very own backyard:  a backyard

which must yet cultivate 

"quality of life"

in the pursuit of

"healthy happiness"

and prosperity - for

not only the few . . . but also

"the whole of its Citizenry."

At Home in the USA . . .

There is certainly



Reminder . . .


The sustainable survival, longevity and healthy prosperity of Nations great

and small are always in

the hands of the

"Lawful Humanity of its Citizenry."

- EPACHA Foundation -

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