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“ H  O  R  R  I  F  I  C ”

Crimes Against Children

T h e   S e c r e t   W o r l d   o f   C h i l d   B r i d e s

Must See Video!

Video  Courtesy, Pulitzer Center

Important Question of . . .

" L A W "

In the 21st Century and

New Millennium

When in human history -

according to the Laws of

Life & Humanity -

were "child brides" ever legal?

A  N  S  W  E  R  :

N  E  V  E  R  !

With "Humanity's Laws" understood concerning

"child brides". . .

What on Earth is this?

The allowing and sanctioning of "child brides"

at any time and / or in any place

is nothing less than . . . 

"Crimes Against Children!"

"Crimes Against Humanity!"

R E M I N D E R :

"Child brides"

are helpless


of sexual violence and abuses!

ISBN-13: 9780307589675

Are YOU "Partnering" to END

the "ILLEGAL" practice of

"Child brides?!"

Courtesy, Human  Rights Watch -

Start YOUR "Partnership" NOW!

Learn  more  on the  following web page:


Now is the Time to END

"Child Marriages"

Around the World!


Girls Around the World . . .

Thanks You!

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